Fire-resistant tempered glass that meets the criteria for 'Integrity' (E) requirements. If provided with a coating Pyropane can meet the criteria for 'Integrity and Limited Radiation (EW )'. In case of fire Pyropane is resistant to thermal shock and the glazing remains clear. The coating on the glass acts as a heat screen and reflects the radiation back to the fire.


  • Fire Classes DH30 , E30, EW30 and EW60
  • Standard one-sided fire resistant (optional two-sided)
  • Safety according to EN 12600 ( class 1C1) which can be combined with laminated or tempered glass in double glazing

Design possibilities

  • Available as single ( DH30 , E30 and EW30 ) and double glazing ( EW30 and EW60 ) in combination with any other glass product AGC
  • Can be doubled with decorative, burglary and bullet-proof range of AGC
  • Available in Clear Vision ( extra clear glass)


  • Tested and approved in wood , steel and aluminum profiles
  • Large sizes possible
  • Moisture and UV resistant as any traditional insulating glass
  • Same thickness as traditional insulating glass
  • Four different coatings approved, matching with Thermobel Top, Thermobel Energy N, Thermobel Stopray Vision 60 and Thermobel Vision 50

*The dimensions mentioned are indicative. Please refer to classification reports, for exact tested dimensions