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Standards & Regulations

AGC Glass Europe offers a complete range of fire resistant glasses, tested and approved according to European and National standards, that provides a unique combination of LIGHT, TRANSPARENCY and FIRE PROTECTION, for all building applications, framing types, fire resistance classes and durations:

Fire classes EN 13501-2 en EN12101-1:

Class DH: Smoke barrier that prevent the spread of smoke inside a building.
Class E: ‘Integrity’ or the ability of the element not to collapse in order to prevent the passage of flames. Heat transfert is allowed.
Class EW: ‘Integrity and low heat radiation or the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames and to limit the level of heat transfer throuh the element.
Class EI: ‘Integrity and Insulation' or the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames and to block the heat transfert through the element.


Class/Duration 15 min 20 min 30 min 45 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
DH - - DH30 - - - -
E - E20 E30 - E60 E90 E120
EW - EW20 EW30 - EW60 EW90 EW120
EI EI15 EI20 EI30 EI45 EI60 EI90 EI120


The required fire protection rating is specified by the respective national building regulations following a risk assessment based on the building characteristics and the location of the fire rated element (façade, partitioning walls, stairways, etc.)

In certain applications Safety (EN12600) is an additional requirement on fire resistant glass, thinking of doors (to a height of 1,40 m either side 2B2 or 1C3).

Fire-resistant glass is only a part of the overall fire-resistant element. The glazier has the responsibility to ensure that the fire element as a whole meets the requirements and/or the approval of the competent authorities receive. The official test owned by AGC are therefore available. AGC Europe accepts no liability if the fire-resistant glass is placed in systems that do not meet the requirements.

Interesting Standards and information

  • CE-Mark
  • Safety EN12600 EN 1364-1: titel
  • EN 13501-2
  • UL 263
  • ASTM E119
  • NFPA 251
  • CAN/ULC S101 M89

*The dimensions mentioned are indicative. Please refer to classification reports, for exact tested dimensions

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