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Pyrobel Vision Line, the most transparent fireproof solution

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Pyropane in Double Glass Units: Cradle 2 Cradle bronze

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The most tested fire rated glass in todays market. Due to its high flatness and clear gel, it is hardly distinguished from ordinary laminated glass. The distribution through fixed processors, our stockists, provides unprecedented delivery times.

Quote Architect: 'With an extremely short lead time and a perfect level of extra clear fire-resistant glass, we managed to organize a Just-In-Time-delivery for the Near Energy Neutral Building: AGC Headquarters.'


Pyropane remains transparent in all circumstances. This slim toughened glazing meets the criteria for 'integrity' (E30). By adding a coating, Pyropane can meet the criterion of 'integrity and limited radiation' (EW30 and EW60). The coated glass acts as a heat shield and reflects the radiation to the fire side.

Quote Architect: 'We needed for the st. Lucas College maximum transparency and wanted to emphasize the vertical lines in the building. Extra high Pyropane panes made this possible.'


Fire-resistant glass in XXL format: get to know Pyrobel-T. This glazing is available in very large sizes, even 2m wide and 4.5m high. Pyrobel-T meets all requirements for injury and breakdown safety at level differences and in facades. At a temperature above 100 ° C the intermediate layers foam.

Quote Architect: 'Finally, we are able to use only one supersize pane per story, to create a perfectly fire-safe escape route.'


The Vision Line system ensures maximum transparency and at the same time optimal fire safety. Instead of mullions between the glass panels, Pyrobel Vision Line has a narrow sealant of 4 to 5 millimeters, even in corner solutions. The result is a continuous fire rated glass wall, which makes every room a modern and spacious whole.

Quote Architect: 'The Ghelamco arena had to be luxurious and of high quality, with Pyrobel vision Line we exceeded our requirements for light, space and luxury.'

AGC at FeuerTrutz 2019 in Germany

AGC will be at FeuerTrutz 2019, the international trade for preventive fire protection, held in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg (Germany) on 20 and 21 February 2019. In Hall 10.0 booth 422, visitors will discover AGC’s extended range of Pyrobel and Pyrobel-T technologies. These unique fire resistant glass products are tested and approved according to all…

NEW EI180 with Pyrobel 81

An innovative new product is born. Familiarize yourself with the Pyrobel 81. The Pyrobel 81 is a laminated glass with a fire resistance of EI180. The product stops the flames and limits the rise in temperature for at least 3 hours. Pyrobel 81 has been tested as an interior glazed partition in an insulated steel…

Fire test support

Did you know that we offer fire test support to customers? The AGC Fire Resistance Glass department can help customers in systems validation (glazed partition, windows, doors) with fire pre-tests performing in accordance with standardized test methods. Several furnaces in the group are provided for this purpose. The Fire resistance department evaluates the resistance to…

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Norms & Regulations

Fire classes for glass according to EN 13501-2 en EN12101-1:

  • Klasse DH: Smoke barrier that prevent the spread of smoke inside a building.
  • Klasse E: ‘Integrity’ or the ability of the element not to collapse in order to prevent the passage of flames. Heat transfert is allowed.
  • Klasse EW: ‘Integrity and low heat radiation or the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames and to limit the level of heat transfer through the element.
  • Klasse EI: ‘Integrity and Insulation' or the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames and to block the heat transfert through the element.

*The dimensions mentioned are indicative. Please refer to classification reports, for exact tested dimensions

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