Pyrobel Vision Line

The Pyrobel Vision Line system makes use of several panels which are connected at 4 to 5 mm distance from each other by a silicone joint (Butt-joint). The result is a continuous wall with an unobstructed view. The Vision Line Pyrobel glass is a transparent laminated glass composed of sheets of glass and fire-resistant, intumescent, interlayers. In case of fire the intermediate layers will spontaneously swell and form a refractory and opaque foam. Pyrobel Vision Line meets the criteria for ' Integrity and Insulation' ( EI).


  • Fireproof classes EI 30 , EI 60 and EI 120
  • Standard Symmetrical fire
  • Safety in accordance with EN 12600 ( 1B1)
  • For use in barriers it can be laminated to reach the desired strength

Design possibilities

  • Transparent wall without mullions
  • Transparent glass glass corners without mullions are possible
  • Available as single internal glazing , single glazing with UV filter (EG - type))
  • Can be layered with decorative range of AGC in single glass
  • Available in Clear Vision ( extra clear glass)
  • Excellent acoustic insulation values ​​( EN12758 )



  • Tested and approved in wood , steel and aluminum profiles
  • Large sizes possible
  • Short delivery time thanks to a large network of distributors

Useful Product information

  • Instructions for handling and storage (see brochure)
  • Instructions for installation (see brochure)
  • Warranty (see warranty card)

*The dimensions mentioned are indicative. Please refer to classification reports, for exact tested dimensions

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